For everyone living in the present...

Human body complaints come from many health problems; the reasons for these problems go beyond injuries and pathogens. Mental and physical fatigue pile up in our busy daily lives, which may sometimes trigger or prolong our health problems.

When you let yourself lie on Aqua Lagoon for a moment, you will be invited to a virtual resort therapy with a soothing massage from an aqueous stream and healing music. You will relax, escaping from everything and having a blissful moment.


Aqua Lagoon employs a 7-inch wide TFT color liquid crystal display touch screen to improve operability and legibility for smart operation. In addition, a voice navigation system supports the operation and operating status reports. The display can also be turned upside down. Operators thus have no problems when the panel position turns upside down due to installation site restrictions. You are free of worrying about the installation site layout.

Treatment mode(Types of jet flow)







Preset recommended programs (8 types) and user programs (10 types), which enable registering free settings, can produce a variety of treatment menus to promote discharging and recharging by combining jet patterns. The patterns provide various sensations from different techniques and nozzle spinning patterns, differing depending on the site.

USB connector

A USB connector is equipped on the side of the control panel. You can play your favorite music during therapy by downloading music data from USB memory*. In addition, the maintenance efficiency also improved with this USB connector. Introducing this feature actually resulted in reducing the operating time.

* The connector will not accept USB flash drives with special shapes. It may also be impossible to download some file formats properly.


Aqua Lagoon successfully reduced the power consumption by about 12% as compared with an existing model (Aqua Comfort Sphere, PH-A8200S/T) (both single phase and three phase)*. Aqua Lagoon is an eco-designed product aware of running costs after installation.
* This datum is based on comparing the maximum water pressure of our existing model at strength level 5 with the maximum water pressure of Aqua Lagoon at strength level 5.
The power consumption level changes depending on the use conditions (Number of starts/stops, temperature settings, strength level). Please use this datum as a reference.

High water pressure

Individual parts were reassessed at the planning phase to improve the output efficiency. As a result, the maximum water pressure (strength level 5) increased by about 25% compared with our existing model by employing the BT (booster), and stronger stimulation became available. We work to offer satisfactory treatment for patients seeking fulfillment for both massages and stimulation so that as many patients as possible will be satisfied.
* A percentage of the maximum water pressure compared to that of our existing model (at strength level 5).

Size reduction

As a result of further size reduction, the main body size decreased the overall length and platform height from the existing model without reducing the treatment coverage. In addition, the spatial efficiency in the therapy room was increased, patient accessibility to the platform was improved and the feeling of pressure was reduced.


Commodity code


Main power

AC200V 50/60Hz

Power consumption



2,330(L) x 840(W) x 580(H)mm


250kg (480kg at water filled)

Intensity level

1 - 5, BT(6 levels)

Treatment mode

8 mode, and 10 user program mode

Treatment time

1-99min (1 min step)

Electrical class, type

Class I, Type B