Low Frequency & IFC Therapy Unit

Standard model of IFC therapy for pain relief and functional recovery therapy

As an Interference Low Frequency Electric Therapy Unit, SENDANTE CLEA adopts new technologies. Using the 4-electrode interference treatment, delicate and soft stimulation have been realized. ST mode treatment by using 8-electrode brings rich and colorful stimulation. In addition, a probe electrode is available for the treatment to the motor point. With the new added method of stimulation, SEDANTE CLEA will meet all needs of the customers.

Features of SEDANTE CLEA

Carrier frequency of 10,000HZ

It is especially effective for patients who feel discomfort or pressure pain due to fasciitis such as erector spinae muscles. The stimulation by carrier frequency of 10,000HZ is very gentle, so more current can be output for relaxation and reduction of the pains.

Rich and colorful stimulation by ST mode

If the patients feel stiff or painful in shoulders, stimulation on upper trapezius and circumference of scapula is recommended. In doing so, mobility of the scapula and shoulder joint will be increased. The treatment by ST mode which can give a rich and colorful stimulation will not only relieve the pain but also increase the mobility.

Local stimulation by probe electrode

Many reasons can cause limited range of motion, such as contracture of articular capsule and muscle atrophy. When using probe electrode, you can keep stimulating while changing the treatment point. If probe electrode is used with manual therapy together, you will get a better effect.

※Probe electrode is an optional accessory.

Neuromuscular stimulation by belt electrode

Long-term bedridden or fixation of the joint may cause muscle atrophy. The improvement of muscle function such as muscular strength always costs a lot time. Neuromuscular stimulation by belt electrode can strongly contract the muscle of the patients who lost the ability to voluntarily contract their muscle. As a result, the patients will be quickly up and about again.

※Belt electrode is an optional accessory.

Rich and Colorful Function

Treatment mode

CI mode

CI mode stands for Combined IFC mode. Interference current stimulates into the deep part of the treatment area by alternating IFC and IFCW. The treatment area is surrounded by a comfortable stimulation and feels like having a massage.

CM mode

CM mode stands for Combined Modulation mode. It provides a stimulation by alternating two different types of modulating waves. The treatment area feels like being beaten by the interference current. This mode is more effective for the patients who are relatively accustomed to the current stimulation.

ST mode

ST mode provides a rich and colorful stimulation with high randomness by changing the carrier frequency and independently changing the modulation waveform of each electrode. It stimulates rhythmically by linked electrodes, which effectively improves the muscular pumping ability.


NM and NMES mode

NM mode stands for Normal mode. It is a traditional interference mode developed by Dr. Hans Nemec. This mode gives a treatment by IFCW and NMES.

The CH1 and CH2 of SEDANTE CLEA can output synchronously. The red and white electrodes of each channel can output alternately. Therefore, agonist muscle and antagonist muscle are stimulated alternately to get a better treatment for muscle re-training.

P1, P2, P3 mode

P1, P2, P3 are programmable treatment modes which can be freely preset by doctors. Up to 3 kinds of preset modes can be saved.


Display panel

The current display, timer, output volume are designed lengthwise for misoperation preventing.

Stealth print

Not-often used switches are designed with a stealth print to get a simpler visibility.



Commodity code


Main power

AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Power consumption






Output current

70mArms and less

Output terminal

4Polar 2CH x 2

Suction level

OFF, -5 - -23kPa

Treatment time

1-99min (1 min step), Continuous *Default: 1-30 min

Safety function

Overcurrent stop, Imbalance stop, Electrode off stop, Zero start,

Auto-lock of output, Key-lock, SHS electrode temperature sensor control

Electrical class, type

Class I, Type BF