The privacy policy of Nihon Medix Co., Ltd. is as follows:

Privacy policy

Nihon Medix Co., Ltd. stipulates its policy on protecting personal information (privacy policy), the following procedures for protecting such personal information, given the importance of doing so and works to treat information about customers appropriately and in accordance with this policy and these procedures.

Policy on protecting personal information

  1. We observe laws, ordinances and other rules related to protecting personal information.
  2. We obtain personal information fairly and legally and only to the required extent.
  3. We use personal information only for the purposes originally stated.
  4. We ensure that the details of personal information are maintained accurately and kept up-to-date.
  5. We protect personal information against leakage, loss and damage and manage it safely.
  6. When personal information is provided to a third party, we appropriately handle it in conformity with the protection law.
  7. We handle complaints regarding personal information properly and promptly.

Procedures for protecting personal information

  1. Purposes of using personal information
    Personal information may be used within the scope of the following (1) and (2) only when required to conduct our business:
    1. For purchases and contracts, as well as a follow-up service for instruments, other products and merchandise
    2. To provide related information and announcements
  2. Providing personal information to third parties
    Personal information is never provided to third parties without prior first-person informed consent.
  3. Management of personal information
    We manage personal information accurately and keep it up-to-date within the scope required to achieve the purpose of use.
  4. Disclosure, correction, suspension of utilization and other use of personal information
    1. When personal information disclosure is requested by the relevant person themself, we respond to the request within a reasonable time period.
    2. When incorrect information emerges and correction or suspension of use is required following the disclosure based on (1), we respond to the request within a reasonable time period. When the correction or suspension of use is implemented, we immediately notify the relevant person themself.