IFC Alpha1 RE-1022

New Compact Style of Electrotherapy

Smart Style

Designed for convenient treatment from beginning to end, including cleaning up the treatment area and storing electrode cords.

*Usage example of the tray.
These plastic boxes are not included in the unit.

1) Preparation for treatment
The tray at the top of cart is useful for storing clean alcohol swabs, spray bottle and medical equipment.
After cleaning, simply discard the swab into the trash box under the cart.
2) During treatment
Push the suction button first, then place the suction cups on the treatment area. If you are not sure about the treatment points, press T-point(Treatment point) button in the screen to display treatment guidance for each diseased area.
After placing the suction cups on the treatment point, turn the output volume control to start the treatment

Treatment Screen

List of treatment points

Guidance on treatment point

3) After treatment
When the treatment is finished, you will hear the ending sound. Push the suction button to remove the suction cups easily from the treatment points.
Finally, put the suction cords on the cord hanger

Simple Style

The touch-screen lets you make detailed setting, while the minimum function needed to perform treatment are conveniently located on top of the equipment.

Portable Style

The unit and cart can be easily separated by loosing just one screw and removing power supply cord, exhaust tube and drainage tube from the unit. The carrying case is ideal when going out.

User-friendly Interferential Current Therapy Unit

IFC therapy utilizes low-frequency stimulation generated by the intersection of two slightly different medium-frequency currents, which causes no irritation to the skin surface like low-frequency current. IFC Alpha1 offers three treatment modes: “CI”,“CM” and “NM”.
In addition, the User Program can be used to customize the treatment pattern freely.

CI Mode

“CI” stands for combined IFC.
This mode of treatment combines IFC and IFCW, and creates comfortable stimulation.

CM Mode

“CM” stands for combined modulation.
This mode uses two types of modulation wave, and creates strong stimulation.

NM Mode

“NM” stands for normal. This mode is the traditional Interferential Current Therapy devised by Dr. Nemec.
You can choose NMES to train the muscles.

Custom Mode

According to the treatment purposes and symptoms, “Custom setting” can be used to configure each of “Band of interferential frequency”, “Type of interference” and “Type of modulation wave”. The doctor can create up to five own programs as User Program.

Treatment programs for diseased parts and multi-language support

IFC Alpha1 has built-in treatment programs that are often used for each body part. The program configures the mode and frequency for each part such as the shoulder, elbow, back etc. Upon pressing the T-point button, it displays an image of the treatment point for the selected program. Multi-language support makes it even easier to use.

Treatment Screen (during a treatment)

Treatment program selection Screen

Set-up Screen

The maximum is 10,000Hz and 70mA

IFC Alpha1 use a carrier frequency of 10,000Hz to reduce the skin resistance in addition to 2,500Hz and 5,000Hz.
It creates soft and strong stimulation in combination with an output current of up to 70mA.

Disposable gel electrode (optional accessory)

The gel electrode is suitable for NMES or treatment of small areas.

※ A special cord (option) is necessary. Image of treatment


Commodity code


Main power

AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Power consumption


Carrier frequency

2500Hz, 5000Hz, 10000Hz

Interferential frequency



Main unit 364W)×329D)×191Hmm
Cart 564W)×566D)×1,026Hmm


Main unit 6.3㎏ Cart 14

Output current

70mArms [at 500ohm Load]

Output terminal

Suction electrode (2CH) or electrode (2CH)

Suction level

OFF, Level 1-9

Treatment time

1-99 min (1 min step), Continuous *Default:1-30 min

Safety function

Zero start, Auto-lock of output

Electrical class, type

Class I, Type BF