• High-grade SSP therapy unit .
  • 12-channel low frequency therapy unit, consisting of 10-channel SSP electrodes and
  • 2-channel warm-pack electrodes.
  • 2-channel of warm-pack electrodes called “flare pad” provide heat and electrical stimulation.
  • New waveform “MF multistage wave” equipped.
  • Suction function equipped.

SSP creates an intense current like electrical acupuncture.

SSP (Silver Spike Point) therapy is a low-frequency stimulation therapy that has been developed based on the concept of “Acupuncture-like TENS (AL-TENS)” through industry-university collaboration and development in 1976.
The low-frequency energy is concentrate at a point by a conical metal shape, and so can be focus on and treat trigger points or tender points.

Image of treatment

SSP electrode

Flare pad

“MF multistage wave” is a new concept and can approach deep pain.

New concept

MF multistage wave is ....
It is a sine wave of 100,000Hz superimposed
over the conventional low frequency,
thus increasing the depth reached.

Image of “MF multistage wave”

Reaches deep pain

Evidence-based research results

Endogenous opioids like endorphin and enkephalin are said to control pain with a mechanism of action similar to morphine.

SSP is reported to trigger the production and release of
endogenous opioid in the blood.

MF multistage wave is reported to increase beta-endorphin by an average of 25% compared to normal wave.


Commodity code


Main power

AC100V (TM-6002) or 220V (TM-6002EK) 50/60Hz

Power consumption






Output current

SSP : 40mArms [at 500ohm Load]
Flare pad : 48mArms [at 500ohm Load]

Output terminal

SSP suction electrode (10CH), Flare pad electrode (2CH)

Suction level

OFF, Level 1-9

Treatment time

1-99min (1min step), continuous *default:1-30min

Safety function

Auto-zero-start, Auto-lock of output

Electrical class, type

Class I, Type BF

SSP Therapy Clinical Guide

A Guide to SSP Therapy(PDF file)