【NEW LAUNCH】 3D Water Massage Therapy Unit

With the newest “Cube nozzle”, three‐dimensional water massage has been realized.

In the development of AQUACUBE, we attached the greatest importance to the “customer satisfaction”.Our previous product can achieve a bottom-up water pressure stimulation around the shoulder blades.With the Cube nozzle exclusive use for the shoulder, the horizontal water pressure stimulation has been realized, which can bring you a comfortable massage like enjoying a high pressure shower.A whole new 3D water massage therapy unit was born!

Cube nozzle

Cube nozzle gives a fully and direct stimulation to the upper trapezius.

Upper trapezius.png

According to the result of symptom classification research in Japan, shoulder pain and waist pain accounted for the most proportion. (from Handbook of Health and Welfare Statistics 2016)

Generally, commonly called “shoulder pain” is medically known as “cervicobrachial syndrome”. Effective treatment sites for it are Acupuncture Point Jianjing (GB 21) and the upper trapezius.Our previous product sprays a jet of water from the bottom up which can not stimulate the upper trapezius directly. However, AQUACUBE used the latest technology and made the impossible possible.

Sketch of nozzle.jpgSketch of the stimulation of the upper trapezius.jpg Sketch of the jet flow.jpg

Data comparisons of thermography (internal test data)

Surface temperature changes of an organism showing in the thermography.jpg Comparison of the surface temperature changes when in normal mode and cube mode.jpg

Combination of the nozzles

Stimulation by 6 nozzles at a maximum

2 Cube nozzles stimulate the upper trapezius directly and effectively. Other 4 normal nozzles massage the whole body by changing their moving trace. Operation modes of 2 nozzles can also be chosen to get a more powerful and more concentrated stimulation experience.

Combination of the nozzles.jpg

Treatment programs

6 types of massage stimulation by the strength variation of the jet flow

6 types of hand massage techniques “kneading”, “beating”, “stroking”, “rubbing”, “stretching”, “pushing” are actually recreated by water stimulation. Our development team puts a good deal of effort into the improvement of the nozzles, moving speed, interval time of the jet flow. As a result, 8 whole new cube modes are developed. With the previous 8 normal modes, altogether 16 modes can be used to satisfy a customer’s various needs.

Rich and various massage patterns (in the case of kneading)

In the stimulation of kneading, the most suitable moving trace of nozzles can be chosen for different treatment sites.

Rich and colorful massage patterns.jpg

6 types of massage techniques

Rich and various massage techniques can provide customer with the ultimate comfort and unprecedented massage experience.

6 types of massage techniques.jpg

Seasickness prevention design

In the development of water bed, the most difficult problem faced is seasickness prevention. When increasing the intensity of jet flow, the customer may feel seasick by the shake of head due to the strong water stimulation. Seasickness prevention design of AQUACUBE comprises two parts: a built-in seasickness prevention mechanism and a cube pillow. These two parts work together and achieve maximum resistance to the head shaking to prevent the seasickness.

Safety supporting

To make it easy to sit down on, the height of the unit is designed at 51cm. The side handrail and frame of the unit are designed with an easy-to-grip shape for safety and ease when getting on and off. When moving to the treatment position on the unit, customer will feel less shaking of the unit surface because of the built-in seasickness prevention mechanism and find it easy to lie on the unit.

Safety supporting.jpg

Easy-to-operate touch panel

Increased visibility and ease of use

Easy-to-operate touch panel.jpg

Placement flexibility of the touch panel

Placement flexibility of the touch panel.jpg

Ease of use

Preheating timer

The water temperature can automatically increase to the preset temperature before the start of treatment.

Automatic adjustment of the water temperature

The water temperature can always be finely set for a more comfortable treatment.

Ankle weight

Ankle weight.jpg

Music player

Relax to the soft music during the treatment

Music player.jpg

Optional color

4 optional colors for different decoration style of the hospital

Optional color.jpg



Commodity code



Main power

AC200-220V 50/60Hz

AC200-220V 50/60Hz

Power consumption




2,330(L) x 840(W) x 950(H)mm

Height of the main unit:510mm

2,330(L) x 840(W) x 590(H)mm

Height of the main unit:510mm


260kg (when water in: 490kg)

245kg (when water in: 475kg)

Intensity level

1-5, Cube (6 levels)

1-5, Cube (6 levels)

Treatment mode

16 modes, 10 user program modes

16 modes, 10 user program modes

Treatment time

1-99min(1 min step)

1-99min(1 min step)

Electrical class, type

Class I, Type B

Class I, Type B